JavaScript parameters

Hi, is there a way to receive an Embedded Map View as an input parameter for a JavaScript block?

Umm I don’t think so, or I might not understand what you mean. Do you mean you’d like to have a reference to the component in the JavaScript block? If you have the JavaScript component under the logic canvas for the embedded map view, I think an internal reference to it is in… But I’m not sure what you would be able to do with that?

Hi Mev, what I need is to be able to access the underlying map in the Embedded Map View to send coordinates for a waypoint through javascript, since I understand there is no way to do it directly with the Embedded Map View.
I need to draw a waypoint on the underlying map similar to this one, through coordinates obtained with the Geolocation Poller component.

Thanks for answering.

German Turriziani


unfortunately there’s no additional access to the underlying map in Embedded map view. There will be a newer version of it soon, but waypoints etc. aren’t supported in the version we’re providing – through third party plugin support it would become possible for you or someone else to provide a plugin version which would enable things like these.