Join List By Key

Hi guys,

I have two lists that have a key in common. I want to do a JOIN (as in a database) with each other. Join list A with list B when both have the key in common.

Does anyone have any idea how to do this?

Hi I tried to implement that:

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Implementation Details
inputs = {

const mapList2ToList1 = => ({


  ...inputs.input2.find(input2Element => input1Element[inputs.input1Key] === input2Element[inputs.input2Key])


const mapRemainingInList2 = inputs.input2

    .filter(input2Element => mapList2ToList1.find(input1Element => input1Element[inputs.input1Key] === input2Element[inputs.input2Key]) === undefined);

return { 

  result: [





Hi, this is really interesting. Can I join a data variable list with a page variable list? Is the key selectable from the object properties in the lists?