Join the AppGyver team for Live No-Coding Session #2!

Hello lovely people! We’re hosting another live building session this week on Thursday, April 8th at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 4pm UTC. @Akseli_Virtanen will run through the basics of Composer Pro and build a weather app from scratch. We’ll also make some time for Q&A. This is perfect if you’re new to AppGyver or just want to see how our team throws a simple app together. Hope you can join us!

:point_right: Click here to register

I watched this event and enjoyed it, including some of the technical difficulties. (It was good to know the professionals have these too!)

A quick question: Is this posted online somewhere? I would like to go through this again to build my own simple weather app.



Hi Eric, glad to hear you enjoyed it! Yep we’ll be sharing the full video replay on YouTube hopefully by this week. I’ll post it here too once it’s up. :slight_smile:

The date at the event link is outdated (8th of April)

Hi Artem, the event happened already on April 8th. We’ll be posting the recording, and planning more upcoming sessions soon.

Ah, sorry for misreading. So awaiting for the video and new events.

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