JSON error response from server: {"error":"NOT_FOUND"}.status:404

I am using Airtable API and am able to successfully test and set Schema for GET COLLECTION (GET) but when I test GET RECORD (GET) I get the 404 error.

The debugger also shows the 404 and shows a warning: RNCNetInfo - You are using the deprecated API. …you must upgrade to the new API … is this the problem and how do I fix.

Help appreciated thanks in advance. Marewa

The Airtable URL looks fine. It gives this error if you use wrong record ID (from a different table e.g.) or if the base ID is wrong ( the appxsw34). Wrong table gives explicit error mentioning wrong table.

Hi Thanks for the reply. I got the id from the API test in the GET COLLECTION (GET) call.

I return a list ok in my APP but can’t get the individual records to populate.

The log gives me this.

Finally figured this out. I removed the trailing “/” from the end of the Base URL even though I have seen examples with it in.

Which gave me this

and the following result

Now I can retrieve a single record in my Details page when passing the ID from a List.

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