JSON ERROR RESPONSE - Unable to use signup button

So I’ve been following this video:

and I’ve done all of the steps and it works fine until I try to sign up in the app preview. Then I get the following message:

JSON error response from server: {“code”:“ERROR_CODE_INPUT_ERROR”,“message”:“Missing param: field_value”,“payload”: {“param”:“field_value”}}.

I don’t know how to interpret the error message and how to solve it.
I’m using Xano for the back-end

Anyone who got any tips on how to go about solving this? Or maybe what you might think to be the root cause.


sorry for late respond! But I’m not an expert in Xano, but sounds like the request schema you are sending is not matching with the one your backend expects. Are you able to test that the signup works, i.e. the 17 minute mark in the video?


Yes, it works when i test the signup using the debugger in Xano. It also works when i test it in appgyver, but not when i directly implement it into my front end in appgyver.

Alright, then I think it sounds like you’re missing something in your flow functions, like missing a property or field_value is actually undefined.

Are you using the web preview? In that case you could open your developer tools (right click on your browser → Inspect → Open the Network tab), and when you click on signing up you should see your request in the list. From there you can inspect how the payload of the request looks like, i.e. is everything included in the request that needs to be.