Just discovered AppGyver

Hello AppGyber Community!

My name is Ryan. I just discovered this tool and first wanted to share how encouraging it is to see such an active and vibrant community. I get a sense that AG users are very happy with the product, and that the AG team is very helpful and tentative to developer needs - all very important things!

I am coming from a different IDE solution that’s not “no code” but rather “low code.” This particular IDE has been wonderful for me to learn the basics of App Development, and has helped me go from no app experience to having 5 apps in the Apple App Store just last year.

The reason I’m writing is because this IDE is having some trouble and may not be around for much longer. As a dev with multiple apps this is very saddening and makes me a bit panicky in terms of supporting my existing apps long term.

I’m not against rebuilding them over time with a new IDE, however I wanted to ask if AG would somehow be able to help me pick up where I left off with the other apps… I realize I would need to rebuild the GUI and Logic of my apps… but would there be any options of importing things like a SQLite Database? Does anyone have experience how an iOS app would handle an ‘update’ of a rearchitected app built with a different tool?

I realize this is a complicated question with many factors… I’m just curious if there are any sort of possibilities of picking up on AG where my apps left off with their old IDE - especially if I can keep the heart of the app’s data - the SQLite DB.

Thank you very much!

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We don’t really have any type of importing as it would be very complex a task – however I think you’ll find that building GUIs is very quick to do with AppGyver and if you already know the logic of your app and how it should work, replicating that is much easier than starting from scratch.

If you are using a REST API backend, you can use that in our apps as well. Other kinds of imports are rather tricky, I’m afraid.

Thank you for the reply!

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