Keep getting this console warning in browser while running the build version

While testing my web app after build, I’m getting this warning message:

“2dd8024639213757075864c624e37c2da904a9c5.df253f37c90fe506cf92.js:1 react-native-view-shot: NativeModules.RNViewShot is undefined. Make sure the library is linked on the native side.
4j02 @ 2dd8024639213757075864c624e37c2da904a9c5.df253f37c90fe506cf92.js:1”

Is it something I should worry about? I’m facing a strange issue where my logout is working in preview but in build version its not working ok. Nothing happens when I click the logout button. After clicking another button in the page the logout happens.

Can these two be related by any chance @appgyver team?

Hmm. Well, usually warning messages aren’t what’s really causing the issue, so by default I would assume the same here. Unless you get this warning at the same time as pressing the logout button I would not think this has anything to do with it.

I would start with simple debugging – put an alert / debug log / toast to the logout button, see if that fires when you click it in web build on the first click or not.

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