Kill/Dismiss pages


Is there a way to dispose pages so that they don’t reappear whenever I press the back button. I’m only able to dismiss the first page using the dismiss initial view flow function.

Anyone ideas?

I am also looking for that property. I don’t know if “replace page” flow function ok for you. It prevents to navigate back. What I am asking is about bottom navigation menu. When I click pages on navigation menu, pages don’t reload or create a new instance.
Is there a way to open pages as new instance when click on the bottom navbar links?

I’ll try “replace page” flow function. Thanks.

I think the “open page” flow function can allow you to open the same page you are on. Have you tried using that flow function to open the same page using the “page mounted” event? This might force the page to reload with a new instance. Problem is when you press back, it might take you to the very page.

Maybe move your logic from the “page mounted” event to the “page focused” event. :wink:
Page mounted is triggered when the page initially loaded, page focus is triggered whenever a page is brought back in focus.

As for this issue, maybe use the “navigate back” flow to go away from a page. But if you want to clear all pages from the navigation stack use the “navigate back to root” flow.
But for sure read up on the documentation, that talks about navigation well.

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