Kiosk or Monitoring Application


I have built an iOS application that uses the scanner to update individual products (scans part number and serial number bar codes) and stores the data in Firestore. It can be used by multiple people at the same time. I have used email authentication to ensure my cloud data is not used by anybody I haven’t approved - it all works nicely.

However, now I want to implement a status screen like you would see in a command center, displaying statistics of part numbers and their GPS coordinates on a map. I have built a page with the DELAY flow function, triggering an update every 20 seconds which works nicely, AFTER I HAVE LOGGED IN.

Has anybody run across this situation where the desire is to have the web page come up with current data after the monitor is powered on? How do I supply the Bearer authentication without having to log in? I’m not sure I want to put credentials in the code, cause that can get hacked. I have some Samsung monitors that run the MagicInfo player where on boot they display a playlist, including external web pages. Wouldn’t it be cool to display an AppGyver web page on a video wall?

I’m just a low code developer so any architecture guidance would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Just had a thought - will I have to deploy a second app for web only? I currently have the Dashboard page in the same iOS app…