Lack of support and customer/developer engagement

I’m concerned by the lack of community engagement and the absence of official support staff replies. Besides a few people answering post I don’t get the feeling of being supported in this forum. I made posts going back a couple of days still awaiting a reply, from anyone.

is there another support forum I’m missing? Do we only get support if we pay for the product?


Sorry for delays in responses. We’re still a small team with no official support staff currently, so we try our best to help out our users when we can. Sometimes it might take longer depending on our internal situation but we try to reach everyone within a week :slightly_frowning_face: I understand that can be frustrating if you’re stuck on developing your app. Thankfully we see users helping each other in this forum, sharing solutions and tips. I encourage using search to see if anyone has gotten help with similar issues you might be facing in case we’re taking too long to answer.

Thanks for your reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

I appreciate you are a small team and I understand the numerous struggles that go hand-in-hand with it. I’m a business owner and we have a small team of staff so I can identify with the challenges involved.

We deal with customers questions all day, every day. There are some days when you just want to close the door and tell everyone to leave you alone :slightly_smiling_face: Unfortunately, the reality is you can’t do that and you have to face it head-on.

Professionally speaking, I think there is nothing more important than customer communication. If we failed to answer a customers email for a 2 days, let alone a week, we’d go out of business.

I certainly can’t comment on what you have going on behind the scenes (your internal situation) but, in this situation, being on the receiving end as a customer the lack of communication is very frustrating.

Having community members providing peer support is good, but I’m only seeing a very limited number of people championing that cause. The fact of the matter is, users will provide peer support when they feel like it and if a question is beyond their skill they simply don’t answer. But, a staff member has an obligation to provide the level of support required to keep the community informed and supported.

To that end, I, as a customer don’t feel the level of support is adequate. Hence the reason for my post.

Sorry, this has been quite the rant and I’ve droned on for a few too many paragraphs.