Lack of support

I spent a bit of time learning Appgyver and then a few weeks building my app. Appreciate the fact that it is free, but I am sure most of us would be willing to pay a fair price for this sort of product.

The problem though is that there is an extreme lack of support for appgyver. My last 3 to 4 questions have remained unanswered over here and people on other platforms such as reddit & stackoverflow are not familiar with appgyver to provide any meaningful help.

Considering this, is appgyver still a worthy product to invest your time and energy into? If you get stuck you get stuck. No recourse available. Figure it out yourself or kill the project.


One is practically impossible to work out what you want, another someone asked for screenshots (8 days ago) and you ignored them. Another you didn´t check the published documentation.

Yes, we´d like an option for paid support, but even then I suspect people will be expected to do their best to help themselves.

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Totally agreed on this one.

Even if there would be paid support, support would not mean “building instead of You”. And the building is done after “learning”.

One cannot simply skip that part. Finally, there are a lot of people here on the forums, who do spend at least some of their time helping. This also lets them learn and earn experience. There is nothing more valuable than experience with tools like this.