Lag in text fields on Composer side


I have a (mostly) single-page app that’s become fairly complex, and I’m experiencing pretty crushing lag when working on it in Composer. It takes a very long time for the initial page load (which is okay), but more importantly when I type into various text fields it can take an extremely long time for what I’ve typed to show up (which is very frustrating). Specifically I’m noticing this in 1) variable & variable property names, and 2) static text type fields (e.g. paragraph blocks, labels on components, Alert messages). For the former case, I might wait as long as 10 seconds when typing a new variable name before I see it appear. For the latter case (e.g. a full sentence), I might wait as long as a minute. It makes it quite hard to work with the app, because the time compounds pretty quickly when there are several things I need to change.

My instinct is that the issue has to do with debounce compounded by lag, because when I paste the text it shows up relatively quickly (e.g., few seconds). So what I’ve taken to doing as a workaround is typing things like variable names and alert text into Microsoft Word, then pasting them into Composer. As you might imagine, this is a bit annoying, but it’s way faster than typing directly into Composer.

Are there any plans to fix this issue? I’ve seen some comments from admins on various threads about the new runtime addressing general performance issues, so I’m hopeful this is being looked at.

Also, are there any strategies to mitigate this? I saw a comment in another thread about setting Visibility values to preview=false, which seemed like a good idea, but I’m bouncing between edits on various sections of the page so I was only able to realistically use that on a couple of containers that are repetitive or already finished.


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Which browser are you using? I’ve heard e.g. that Chrome is faster than Safari when working on complex pages.

If your page is slow on different browsers also, could you share your app ID? We could then take a look what part of the app/page causes the slowness and perhaps find a fix for that

Messaged you! Thanks for looking into it :slight_smile:

I tested this and it was bit slow for me also, but not as bad as for you (I’m using Chrome on Mac). Likely the main reason for slowness here is that you have a some repeated components within repeated components which makes the calculation count rise too high.

We have identified this issue previously also and have made some improvements, but it needs a bigger overhaul to really streamline the pages. I don’t know a timetable for this upgrade (or if we perhaps decide to tackle complex app creation in some other way instead).

You can make a post to our tracker ( so that we can pick it from a list of requests to be fixed/created in the future (of course more upvotes means it’s more likely t get implemented).

Thank you! I’ll do that. Would this be considered a Feature Request or a Bug Report?

Both feel fine, but perhaps I’d create it as a bug report.