Laravel, LAMP and building more than product same time?


First of all thanks for this amazing product, and thanks for the team behind it.

I want to build a loyalty system, for my client it includes:

1- Frontend (website for users to register, and follow the updated news and offers)
2- Backend (control panel to control the user’s data, it’s sold, points, send push notifications else.)
3- Mobile APP (Andriod & IOS to monitor the users it’s points and how to redeem it)

based on my reading from the forums, I just need more clarification in
A- can I build the frontend “website” using appgyver, as a separate project?
B- I will build backend using Laravel on LAMP(apache, MySQL DB), is it right. all I need just need is the REST API?
C- Is it right to build the Mobile APP separately or with the frontend"website"

sorry, am new in this programming area.


Welcome to the community!

You can build both the website and the mobile apps using AppGyver. If they are very different, it might be beneficial to make two separate projects, but the same project will run out of the box on iOS/Android/web.

Your approach to backend is exactly right – communication with the Composer-built app happens via REST APIs.

Good luck with the project and let us know if we can help you out in any way!