Large Image List Item x Scrollable Image List

Are there relevant performance improvements in the new Scrollable Image List compared to the older Large Image List item with a complex repeat property?

Also, is the configuration wizard-of-sorts that is used with the Scrollable Image List also support complex repeat binding?

If we already have a fully set up repeat with the old Large Image List, is it at all recommended to switch to the newer Scrollable Image List? Any actual performance benefits aside from a supposedly easier initial setup and perhaps more preset esthethic options?

I ask this because my major dissatisfaction with the built app is the overall slowness in rendering lists with 30 - 50 items on screen (that is, in android). The lazy-load feture in the recycler view containers don’t improve the performance at all. It feels really frustrating that a list with less than 50 items should load so slowly when we are used to seeing very fast load and render times in conventional apps.

@Mevi , @Kirill_Leventcov I hope you can help with those component-related questions and shed some light on the causes of the aforementioned performance problem. Thanks in advance!