Large list takes a long time to load. Can it be structured differently?


I have a list of over 2,000 items being pulled via a REST API. The problem is it takes forever to load that page of the app. Is it possible to break the list into separate pages to help it load faster? Ideally, this would still allow users to search through the entire list.

Open to any suggestions!

Thank you

Non-technical newbie here, so take my advice for what it’s worth.

You should probably solve this by limiting the requests you make per call to your API, that’s what slows things down. I think you can do this with paginating your request e.g. 10 items per page etc getting only the fields you need to populate the list.

With regard to searching the list, I’m sure you can solve this by following the search example implemented in the movie review app video in the documentation.

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Our new runtime also has major improvements in this. You could apply for the beta and see how it improves your case. Apply here to beta here. We’re looking into starting this in the coming week or two.

Anyway… pagination is a great idea as described above :slight_smile:

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Hi there. Curious if y’all have an ETA for when the new runtime will move out of beta? Super excited to play with it.

We’re rolling out the first version to the beta applicants next week, with a public release following hopefully soon after that! If you applied, you should have gotten mail with instructions!

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