Launch screen not showing iOS beta

Hello Everyone,

I uploaded my Launch screens on the build service but it is not showing when I open my app (I have a black screen instead).
The screens are the right size (1000x1000, 2000x2000, 3000x000) and are accepted on the build service.

Does anyone have an idea what could cause that issue ?
Thanks !

The size of the screens if that could help :
1000x1000 = 145 k
2000x2000 = 384 k
3000x3000 = 676 k


I tried to compress my PNGs but it still doesn’t work.

New PNGs size :
1000x1000 = 65 k
2000x2000 = 169 k
3000x3000 = 302 k

It doesn’t seems to be a file size problem.