Lazy loading images

Is there a way to implement lazy loading on images that are part of “large items in list” component? So that we can add a skeleton screen or a spinner while the image is downloaded from API or URL.

Because now the picture is just NOT showing for a few seconds, and then suddenly it is displayed.

There is a flow function called “image with loading spinner” in marketplace. That might be what you are looking for.


Thanks but no : “image with loading spinner” is for “traditional” images.

I’m talking about images apart of “large items in list” component.

I use the “image with loading spinner” as part of several “large image list item” components, without any issues and the spinners disappears when the images appears.

Sorry I could not help you, I don’t know what you mean by “traditional” images.

Ok I just understood that we can edit the components inside the “large item in list” own component thanks to isolation mode.