Let's create an appgyver specific ad-server

I have been concepting a way we can create an independent ad server to allow appgyver developers to monetize their apps using rest apis. There are a number of ways we can do it with a system comparable to Kepler or Adsense, using third party inventory while at the same time approaching advertisers directly. If anyone would like to collaborate on this please let me know. I will share all info as it becomes shareable.

That’s a great idea, but keep in mind, that appgyver, is working on third party integrations, so hopefully, in sometime we will be able to use some ready made solutions

Maybe I can make a plugin for it. I have already begun building the ad preroll video player and dashboard for advertisers and publishers. It will be better than adsense or YouTube and be able to pay out 100% instead of just small percentage as it will be free and open source. If we can make it a ready made solution that would be great. :blue_heart::pray:

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