Likes and dislikes


Is it possible to create a like button? And once a person has liked it then it shows how many likes are on that post.

You just create a Like number variable, then in the Tap event of the icon you +1 that variable value, then depending what back end database youre using you can send either a HTTP Request PATCH or PUT request with the updated data.

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My Like info (user and postId mapping for each like event) is in another data variable. Not the repeating data variable (posts). I’m unable to get success with create or delete record on Component Tap event, when I’m trying to manipulate the like info. Can you help me on this? I’ve done this on normal button click events before, so doesn’t look like a basic mistake. But this time the button is within a repeating item. So wondering if there is any limitation of the platform.

Hello,its my second week into appgyver and I’m trying to creating a like button for my app based on this comment that you posted but it just doesn’t seem to work. I get stuck when it comes to the “http Request PATCH or PUT request”, i just dont know what to do there? Can you help me on this?