Limit Total Number of Pages

I am trying to figure out the best ways to limit the number of pages I have. For example, if I want a user to be able to click on an exercise to learn how to do it, I don’t want to make a new page for every single exercise. I’d rather have all the exercises on one page and only that part of the page is displayed. How do I do this? Page variable? Page parameter? The video tutorials I have seen are not helpful.

Some resources to check before you post:

AppGyver Academy: SAP AppGyver Quick-Start

Troubleshooting FAQ: SAP AppGyver FAQ

Note :heavy_check_mark:: It is just an idea. In the image example, I have only 3 pages plus the default global canvas. I have the Presentation Load Start (000 Loading) and the Main App Start where I have everything (001 App Start). The fact is that in the “001 Home App” I have more than 32 pages there, to avoid making 32 canvases plus the 3 that you see in the image.

If you notice in the image, there are all the pages as far as it can be seen in the capture, and each page is built with different designs just as if it were a canvas.

The app is just as fast thanks to the following components that were built, which are the ones in the image:

Component “SOFT LASHES



This comment is just an idea, in case you reform your application according to your question, you should watch some tutorials on YouTube on how to handle these 3 components and apply them to your Componser Pro in case it is new to you.


Thanks for your efforts but even this is greek to me. Isn’t there a simple way to make a page show you only one section at a time? I’m thinking that you click on a button on one page and on the next page you only see the first container and not the second one. You know what I mean?