Link Between AppGyver Apps

Is it possible to link between multiple apps within the same project? If so, how?

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If, by the same project, you mean: same database. You just need to create other applications with the same database.

Both apps are on the same database. Here is what I am trying to do:

I have Project X. Project X has 2 apps (App A and App B). I would like App A to open App B if a certain button is pressed. Once the user is done with App B, they can push another button to return to App A.

Is that possible?

If you can, yes.

Only that depends on the work of “A” and “B”, I mean that you must take into account that when compiling the App, it will generate an always heavy file.

In this example there are several that use it for various functions such as:

That first does the entire structure of App A with its respective Database, Menu and others, if the database is with Api Rest it is much better to make the App lighter.

The customer will see the “App A”, but there comes a time when the customer wants to move forward, or buy a version, or because he wants to go up to a more PREMIUM level. Then in the menu you give you an option (button) that you will have the new version, or the options mentioned, and that when you press the button you will switch to App B or vice versa, playing even with the same data or adding different data in the same app (What the friend meant to him -Bertrand BZH), and you can even switch to the graphic and style.

You should hide and make the pages visible when the user requires it, or to save space with components and then hide it while using “App B” or switching to “App A” hides the “App B”.

Many people use this system is for “2 in 1” applications, which when they are in the FREE when buying with a button for the PREMIUM version, But the exception is that they no longer put the FREE button so that the customer doesn’t see it and doesn’t have to go back to the first FREE app.

And all in the same APP or application, both for “A” and “B” in the same and using the same data and even creating more additional data.

Sorry that my English is not so good.