Link to other pages not working?

Hi guys!

I have a button, where people can click to go to another page (very simple). This approach basically works all the time.

Now, I have a use case where there are a couple of buttons available on a page that leads to the same other page. Though, when clicking in the previewer, it leads me back to my homepage (initial page when loading the app).
The other page I want the button clickers to go, is set to be opened without authentication…
There are only some app variables which are used as page parameters (the app variables load fine when debugging the preview)


So the Open page flow function is not going to the correct page? That’s weird, can I get the app id so I can go check it out?

yes sure! It’s 180985

It’s about Button 31, on page 19.
It’s referring to page 22, but you land on page 28 (where page is the inital page you land on).

Page 22 has the ability to be opened without authentication

I checked the debugger and it seems like the app vars used in page parameters contain emojis and some are not defined at all, so I’m guessing the Open page breaks from that and sets to the initial page. It’s kind of hard to check since there’s so many variables that are probably slowing your app down a lot too, I would look into storing all that info in a database and pulling them via REST APIs to Composer.