Linking a website directly

Hey! I’m trying to build an application out of already built website. So basically I’m learning to work with Appgyver but as for now I initialized a page and named it as Home and in its logic section I connected Home’s “event-pagemounted” to “open URL” and provided open url with the link of my already built website. By doing this I’ve successfully converted my website into an application. Now I’m having this confusion that whether this is going to work properly after launching it or not? (by the way it’s preview is 100% error free)

if you use something like web view it will work too, also if you have no problem in preview i dont think you will have in the actual app but on the other hand i dont know whats the point of having the app if its 100% the same as the site

Thanks for the help! I know that there’s no point of building an application as same as website but as I’m learning how to build an application so I’m having hard time and actually I also want my application to get updated automatically as soon as I update my website. Anyway, hoping that I will build my proper not dupe of website app soon. Thanks Again.

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