Linking data from different platform

Hi, how can i link different platform to APPGYVER for it then to sync everything from that platform? Say I want to link Airtable to it, how do i make it transfer data from airtable to here?

At the moment, you’d utilize the REST API such an external platform probably provides, using the REST API direct integration data resource type to make it available in your app. See the Movie Review app tutorial video on the docs homepage ( and for more details!

Yeah i’ve seen that video 10times there’s just something that doesn’t work. Im confused on what to put in base url and the in relative path.
So in Airtable i went to a base from which i want to Transfer data from, went to its API documentation and dragged the Base Url which started with

And put that in base url field. Then I am confused on what to put in the relative path field, do i put the ID of the specific base in Airtable that i want to transfer data from or what?

Thank you for responding

I did a quick tutorial on this, check it out!