List Data Not Updating


This is my first post here and I’m a complete newbie so apologies for the basic question. I’m currently working my way through the built in learning tutorial videos and I’ve reached the fourth section titled Data but I have an issue with the second video titled Listing Data because it looks as though there has been some updates to how AppGyver functions since the tutorial was recorded and subsequently, following the instructions in the video no longer works as expected in practice and I can’t figure out how to rectify the issue…

When configuring the Basic List component (0:27 secs) the interface has changed and when mapping the data resource to the items on the list, the four fields shown are now all required fields (which they’re not in the video) even though I’ve only set one field up (as per the previous Creating Data video) and the order of the data to map is no longer logical , i.e., ID first, but now appears alphabetically.

Regardless, I can simply map the same text categories to multiple fields for the sake of this task as they’re all text fields.

First question, why are all fields now required and what happens if you don’t want or need all four fields in my list?

Having mapped the four fields, the video then goes on to show that when adding new entries and clicking the Save Reminder button, the new item is added to the list, but for me the list isn’t updated when I click the Save Reminder button but is only updated if I navigate to a different page and then back again or I quit the app and relaunch it.

No mention is made in the video as to whether any changes are needed to the button configuration. My button is still configured as per the Creating Data video (but I’ve simply deleted the Alert).

My second question, why is the list not updating when I add a new item and click the button but only when I navigate to a different page and then back again or once I’ve quit the app and relaunched it?

Many thanks