List does not appear correctly

App id: 319054

Page: 19

For some mysterious and unknown reason…

The repeat list seems like it has a memory of it’s own

I’ve clearly put only to repeat the data.alldocuments. And I’ve even put a ‘count’ function at the top to calculate the number of data available

But, whenever I change the time period of the data, there will always be some of the old data appearing at the top of the new list.

For example, Jan-Feb 2022 data should only contain 9 item

While it shows correctly at the ‘count function’ that I put at the top of the list, the list itself will contain a few extra lines that are not within the range of Jan-Feb 2022 data

I’ve been stressing about this for days. Please help

I have also submitted a bug tracker here: List does not appear correctly | Voters | AppGyver

Thank you

Is this with compiled apps or just preview? Preview has some caching images that I encountered, maybe its caching affects other things too.

Unfortunately it happened both in preview and the compiled webapp with runtime version 3.3.5

Hi @Izzuddin_Yussof, I replied on the Tracker ticket :slight_smile:

Hi Mari,

Thanks a lot! Appreciate it

Hi Mari,

I tried publishing the webapp with runtime 3.2.15 last week and the problem did not occur. However, now the 3.2.15 runtime is no longer available.

Could you please return the 3.2.15 runtime?

Thank you