List fine in Composer, empty div in preview

As above.

I have had a similar problem before, where the data comes in from REST API and populates lists in Composer. No network connection is established in preview to the API server, divs are also empty.

I’ll need to find another platfom soon as I am losing waaay to many days to really simple stuff here.

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Could you know, which REST API page you are using? I have already seen some errors similar to yours because API service providers are putting some policies that prevent certain API calls from being made.

Thank you!

Looks like Appgyver isn’t even making a network request.

Best regards. When you make the request, do you also not see the data or its collections?

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At first glance it looks like it’s in order, AppGyver supports some Swagger stuff like GET, POST (the ones you’ve built into your API) and in that Swagger’s policy for now is fine with AppGyver for making calls.


Tell me about it. Nothing like creating a no code app builder which is 100 times more difficult than code with no clear docs. Every single thing has to be done with a “workaround.” I love the concept, I just think they have a very poor and misguided devOps.

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Yes, everything looks good in Composer. Do you have an idea why this might happen and how we overcome it?

@Mevi Can you spare a minute, please? I am stuck here and it keeps happening. Is my assumption correct that I have set up everything correct if lists and fields are populated in Composer from REST API? If so, this is a bug.

Greetings: So your Api Rest works well for you in Componser Pro. Some of the administrators will see your question and it would be good to capture an image so that the whole community knows where the problem is.

Many times, if you think you are good with the Rest APIs and you don’t see it, it is for many reasons such as:

-The “Data Variables” have not been created.

-The data may be stuck in a poorly structured recycler component.

-The Rest Api of the page, you must give it authorization to be able to read data in public.

-Some connection in the global canvas or in pages is misconfigured or not connected correctly.

-You have some data variable that in the logic part, you must eliminate the “DELAY” flow so that it does not make many requests and confuse the view.

-Be advised that you do not have pending in the component store and flow to update.

-Some variable that has some logic and you gave it hide, or some component is hidden.

-The formula is not well worked out, even if it marks you well and must be corrected according to the new Componser Pro documentation.

There are many causes and it would be good for an administrator to help you, but it would be good to provide some capture, since there is a lot in the community that can know what is happening and you can solve your application.


Ok, first of all I was wrong about the network data - Appgyver is sending headers and receiving the data fine, we can see it in console. It just doesn’t create and populate the html.

Here’s the setup:

Test OK

Create record (since this is POST) and set variable:

Setting up the list. Data is present.

Check preview and console - find data being returned by server:

I’m pretty sure this is something on my side I just can’t see it.

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I see that in the community there is very little that handles “Swagger”, it is good that someone who is an expert in this handling and can help a little, configuring both parts “Componser Pro” & “Swagger”, and detecting what happens.

Perhaps you have figured this issue out already, but “weird issues with create not going through” very easily sound to me as perhaps there is something small wrong in what you’re passing to the schema – perhaps a field that should be NUMBER type is passed a STRING, for example. I would verify this by checking the exact schema of what is being sent in the app against the schema of what you’re sending e.g. in Composer when you get the test ok.