List Item - I Click the arrow & open a page but I lose the data variable

Hi everyone,
[this question level is ‘absolute beginner’ :slight_smile:]

In the main page there is a list of employees

the item list repeats on a list

when I hit an element of the list a new page opens (employees_details). I’d like to bind the elements of this page to the list above. But I can’t:

I’m looking forward to import the details of the selected element of the list into the new page, in order to read & edit them.

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[ I went through the documentation & the posts, without success ]

I’m currently trying to use an app variable to memorize the employee I chose, and then in the ‘details’ page I’ll try to define again the data resource & API, select & edit the wanted element thanks to this app variable. I don’t know if it’s a good idea?

I struggle with types when trying to retrieve the wanted list item.

I have to use parameters, apparently.

I’m going to watch this tutorial for absolute beginners, which I am, and then report here my findings.
Appgyver Absolute Beginner Tutorial - 10 Page Parameters and more - YouTube ( see 4:05 )

parameter ok but still struggling with types.

OK I found in the appgyver documentation a video explanation about parameters in the ‘on boarding’ section SAP AppGyver Onboarding

—> Would I have to create one parameter for each detail of my ‘employee’ object?

The list component is getting from a data variable ? if so, you dont need to create multiple variables.

In your case, you need to create a PAGE PARAMETER, to send the id from the resource to the next page. In the next page, you need a data variable setting with the ID you previously passed on the page parameter.

Then you can freely use this data variable on the new page, it will contain the full data from the object you want.

Thank you for your help @Thiago_Pachioni

Your hint led me to this page Open page - navigation
so I defined a parameter ‘employee_id’ in the targeted page & in the item list logic

I tried a toast in the targeted page to verify if the parameter is actually passed but it prints ‘1’:

Should I do something like this?

Thx to this tutorial Appgyver Absolute Beginner Tutorial - 10 Page Parameters and more - YouTube
I tried this

It seems to work in the composer but not in the app viewer

I tried to modify the new page logic like this

I think I’m missing something.

Useful page SAP AppGyver Onboarding
I found this post about the same topic Accessing params with a list item - #4 by Harri_Sarsa but still stuck.

Good job. Looking to your picture, you did everything right…

I use this setup for a couple of apps and it work perfect.

Probably you have some other problem for it to work in the composer but not in the app viewer…I cannot help with this because i never had this situation.

Have you tried to debug while using the viewer ? Click on the little bug right next to the variables, maybe you can get a hint about the problem…

Thank you for your help @Thiago_Pachioni :pray:

I reinstalled the SAP Appgyver previewer but it still doesn’t work.
Looking forward to make the debugger work. I followed the documentation but sadly I can’t decide the debugger to work, I’m in the situation described in this unsolved post.

OK I’m sure tomorrow will bring a solution I’m gonna explore another part of my project in the meantime.

Are you using android or Ios do test the APP ?

I know from my use from IOS, its pretty straight foward to use the debug, the only thing i needed was to enable it on the SapAppgyver App…

In the page where you select your apps, click on your user name, then you will see a button to “connect to debugger”…