List Item with multiple columns


1 ) I am using List Item component, (id:b4475dde-8b14-4327-8cf5-723b7bf4ec95) ,

I have to use this component in many pages, which would be bounded to different data sources, on one of the page i edited the component in order to display more columns in my list. When i am using List Item on other pages, it also shows the changes i made on 1st Page.

Can you guide me what is the best practice to use a List Item having different columns and data sources to be shown.

APP ID : 442524

  1. I have a requirement to make an order page, where user can choose multiple Items (drop down), enter Qty to order rows (List Item) and finally save the order at once. What is the best practice to use it, is there any document available over it.


any help?


On your first issue, I suggest avoiding using the pre-built list-item component, as that limits you. Instead what I would use is a Container with a horizontal layout and subcontainers for your “cells”. You can set the visibility of these subcontainers according to app or page or data variables, so it gives you way more flexibility.

For the second issue, I have not come across any documentation on the topic. But as far as the basic structure goes you would need to have a variable “cart” that is a list of objects type and the properties could be: name, quantity, type, color, etc… Really anything that you need. Then on submit button, it could be either a create record in a backend database, or redirection to a Stripe cart checkout… But either way, there is a lot to think about to make good suggestions on this topic and maybe you have to start from way further…