List Items incompatible - Tag input setup

Fairly new to all this my friends, so please be gentle.
Trying to build the tag input setup that @Mevi put on YT: Mevi's Component Factory - Creating a tag input - YouTube

Not all of the data setup is very clearly explained, but the setup is exactly what I need.
I am struggling with the formula’s that I have copied from the instruction video.

Here’s the PageVariable setup:

Here’s the Data setup (called SupplemtTags):

And the Datavariable:

The problems I am encountering are in the Formulas that are used to select the tags from the Datavariable to be matched with the input tag:

How do I solve the incompatability of the lists?

Also I am asking myself is the input variable written back into the data resource this way? I would expect an “Add Record” routine happening to add Unique Items into the Data Resource

But when entering a New Value into TagInput, this is what “Add Button” does according to the instructions:

Many thanks in advance


While I’m not fully sure what you mean by matching with the input tag, I suppose the incompatability issue might be due to the Data variable having an ID field that the page variables do not. You can use the MAP() formula function to only include the tag field after the select (wrap the whole thing with the MAP() function). Alternatively, you could include the ID in the page variable as well.

It’s difficult to say what the last formula is really doing as I can’t see what flow function it’s set to, or your exact data setup. In any case, this formula would take a copy of the current SelectedTag, add the new TagInput in there, and then assigning that to whatever the flow function is. It doesn’t actually update the existing pageVar (unless this is in a “set page variable” flow function). Hopefully that clears up some confusion.