List not filtering correctly

Having an issue where a list is supposed to filter a data set that is saved to the device by its “Sales Rep” and the currently selected “Active User” (videos attached)

I had it working for a good 2 weeks straight and then without touching the formula at all, it started combining all of the data entries i had on the device into one list regardless of the selected “Active User”. I’ve been struggling with it for a few days now and have come to the conclusion that I cant be this stupid so it has to be a bug of some sort. Anyone have the same issue or something similar?

Hey there, as the video is not working for me I will be guessing, but to me, it seems at least weird that you are filtering based on the single index. I guess you would have to map that array and use that.

It’s the best way i’ve found to filter the list how i need it. I’m very much open to other options

It may be weird but it was most definitely working up until about 3 days ago now

Well, probably not the best practice but it does work for us as of now, even though we will have to change it soon. Try to set up a visibility of the container by this formula: IS_IN_ARRAY_BY_KEY(MAP(data.savedtruefit1, {“sales_reps”:item.salesrep}), “sales_reps”, repeated.current.salesrep)

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Thank you very much, your formula saved me here…