List of sublists?

Lets say I have two data resources: categories and products. Categories have the name and count. How do I create a list that includes list? ie.

TVs 2

  • Philips xys
  • Panasonic abc

Consoles 3

  • Nintendo
  • xbox
  • playstation

(I bound products to categories elsewhere and that is not problem. I need to create and delete both categories and products.)


From your post I’ll assume you have this data structure in place and you want to display it?
The way to do this is to create the list by repeating the “outer list” and then within the single list item you can repeat any property that is an array (the inner list).

Am I understanding your question correctly? :slight_smile:

I tried to do what you suggested but I didn’t know how to do it. I think I didn’t realize to give you all the necessary info. I blame the late hours. I’m sorry.

I have two data records: categories and products. Categories have .name and .count. Products have .name, .type and .price. I have a page where one can add category and other page to add products (.count is calculated when adding new products). I have also a page where I connect products to categories and from there that info is stored to third data record, storage. So storage consists, storage.prodname, storage.type and storage.price. I want to make a list of products based on category.

TVs 2 ( categories.count)

  • Philips xys (storage.prodname storage.type)
  • Panasonic abc (storage.prodname storage.type)

Consoles 3 ( categories.count)

  • Nintendo 16bit (storage.prodname storage.type)
  • xbox 360 (storage.prodname storage.type)
  • playstation 3 (storage.prodname storage type)

“TVs” an “Consoles” are the outer list.

Am I more understundable now?