List of texts in a repeated item

Hey community,

I’m pretty new to AG, so my question may seem stupid, but I can’t figure it out.

I have an app variable named “tags” with a list of tags ([“sales”, “support”, “other”]. I want to display these elements in a repeated item, but “Repeat with” does not allow me to choose “tags” with an error saying that “List of texts” cannot be mapped to List of objects".

How do I solve this? Thanks in advance!

You need to turn your List of Texts into a List of Objects instead

Yep, and I believe something like MAP should work here, but not sure about the syntax. Could you please share an example?

You could use MAP, or just re-do your data structure to be List of Objects instead.

Off the top of my head MAP would be something like this…

tagListObjects = MAP(tags, {“tagName”:item})

Where this would result in a List of Objects that look like:
{“tagName”: “sales”},
{“tagName”: “support”},
{“tagName”: “other”}

Brilliant, @JOHN_WORSHAM! Thanks for your help, it worked.

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I am getting the result like you said while using the mentioned formula… all fine. But when I bind one of the property of that page/appVars to my repeated text, it wont repeat the item also the text field shows empty.

HTTP —> pageVars ( //* List of object with 4 properties) retrieve the value of each property of “output” from the HTTP using MAP() — I am getting the result on Toast exactly like you said.