List Preview on Web Apps viewer but not on my Android phone

On the Preview and on the Webs Apps viewer shows my Items perfectly fine but on my Andriod phone doesn’t appear. Please help.

Can you share some screenshots of how it looks different on Android vs. web? Also, if you share your app ID (in the browser address bar) and give us permission, we can take a peek at your app to see what might be wrong.

Hello, here comes both views. Below the app URL on the proper page. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks for the respond. Best Regards

Looks like the native side is having trouble with the read.php endpoint, whereas the web works fine – we’ll take a look at this!

In the meantime, if you are able to make your routes work so that the endpoint URL doesn’t have a dot in the path (so e.g. read is triggered just with /rest/api/post/), that could fix this.

Hello, I made the changes you suggested and the results is the same. The List appears on the Wep Apps Viewer but not in my phone. Works on Postman too. Can you please check and help. Thanks in advanced.

We’ll investigate more, but one potential issue is the invalid SSL certificate:


Would you be able to fix that and retry? If that fixes it, we just need to display a warning to the user that “hey this endpoint is insecure, are you sure?”, and then make it so that the native client accepts invalid SSL certs.

Thanks [Harri_Sarsa] for the help. I changed the domain name instead of the dedicated IP and now is working. Best Regards.

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