List Sorting delay

I am working on a new app. i had some outside help, but now I need help making a modification.
Basically, the app is a waiting list for clients. Come in, sign in, and have a seat. The stylist will come to the app and check in the client. Once they are checked in, they are removed from the waiting list.

Here’s my problem
The waiting list is to list the clients that has signed in by descending order (the last signed in client should be at the top of the list). This is working fine for the stylist as the look at the list and checks in a client. However, the waitlist that the client sees is in ascending order initially. Wait a few seconds and it displays in descending order. I am trying to have the initial waiting list the client sees to appear in descending order immediately


Maybe remove the looping 5s delay?
It is actually something to remove systematically as it creates a read in your DB and increase the bill.

I tried that it is still sorting in ascending order. Is there any other area that controls the sort order?