Live feature integration

Hello team,

I am the Knowledge Manager of the company Everience with the branch in Romania.

I would like to know from you if I can create an app on your platform that has the possibility of live streaming. From a live stream performance to the users.

Can I integrate an API with this service? I think of something like the usual live video chat like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram etc. Where multiple users can see and participate in chat with the live streamer.

Do you think there is any possibility to create something like this?

I would sincerely appreciate your advice on this.

Thank you so much,

I guess you would like to create something like Twitch, right? With AppGyver usually, apply “Sky is the limit” :smiley: There are a few limitations and you are not able to implement 3rd party plugins, Ads etc, besides that you can create pretty much anything if you’ve got the skills and knowledge :slight_smile:

Bear in mind, that probably no one did such an app on AppGyver, so support to your app via community will be very limited, although if you will describe a specific part of your app and the issue you are experiencing, I am pretty positive that people here will help you out! :slight_smile: