Live update of the value when moving a slider

Hi Appgyver team, hi everyone

Thank you for this amazing tool !

Is there a way to show the user the value that he is choosing while he moves a slider ? I’d like to allow the user to precisely choose a value using a slider.

I succeeded in reflecting the value selected by the slider using an app variable , but the value shown on the screen updates only when the finger goes off the slider, making it difficult to select a precise value.

Is there a workaround ?

Thanks !

Hmmm I’m not sure I follow, I have a page variable tied to the value of the slider and it does update when the slider is slid :thinking: (however the slider is a bit choppy if it doesn’t have a lot of values to choose from, which you can see in the gif)

Jan-04-2021 14-59-38

If showing the slider’s value while it changes doesn’t work for you, can you let me know more about your setup?

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