Load page info after all it`'s initialized

Hi all!

I need to do a load and data structure before the page loads, but in the last step, so that the structure I need is shown. The structure I have is relatively simple. Through several REST calls I am filling a global object that I have, with several nested lists and once filled, the page shows that structure.

Currently, the page loads blank and I have a button “load structure” which fills the global object and then the page shows the information ok.

At what time of page load or in what event should I make the same call that I make in the current button that I have? Take into account that I use REST calls and data variable assignment, so I understand that the entire structure must be initialized in memory so it must be imagined, in the last event triggered.

thanks in advance

Hi Antonio, could you do it after “Page mounted” on the logic canvas of the page?