Loading App Directly to the Tablet

Hey everyone. Gott app done, Its Awesome! I would like to load the “App I made” completely to the Tablet.

I wont need updating, unless its totally new. But it rarely happens, like years.

So, Can it be done? Like transfer it in an email and open it up on the Tablet (Apple) only.

Thought I read a way somewhere.

Jedi Out!

Maybe build the app and upload it to Apple’s Testflight?


If you just want it on your own iPad you can sideload it using Xcode

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Okay, yes I have used Testflight. You only have a limited time to use, Right?

I Have Apple Developer , the other team that made my pervious app. Now I have a new one, Made on Appgyver,

Now, we are using it in the “Appgyver App” on the Tablet and we open it from it and use it. ( Just wanting to make it look an independent app with our logo, not Appgyvers.

Are there any long term ways, We made this app to hold on only to ourselves for information., Not like sell or anything.

Ad hoc distribution or sideloading in that case