Loads of strange and breaking stuff suddenly happening overnight?

Hey guys,

Did anyone else wake up today with 101 bizarre things occurring in their app?

For me:

  • Spinner logic completely broke on my login page in Preview on iPhone, so I had to remove all spinner logic to get the app to open (strangely it opened okay on Mac app and web preview)

  • Suddenly some data variable elements used in repeated components which were working fine yesterday are not visible today (backend seems to be working correctly)

  • Suddenly half my text is italicised

  • Drop shadow on my cards is working in Mac preview app, but not in web preview or on iPhone

Not sure if there’s more but I’m reluctant to find out :sweat_smile:

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On the plus side my performance/slowness issues seem to be fixed :joy: :blue_heart:

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We pushed a major runtime update, see docs.appgyver.com/changelog

The spinner issues should be fixed if you update the Show/Hide spinner flows from the marketplace; you should update all flows/components anyway.

We are still working out some regressions; in the meantime you can access the old runtime version at preview-legend.appgyver.com and by download the AppGyver Legend app from the app stores.

What’s your app ID? We’d like to try and repro the data issue!

Thanks for the quick response, I figured this was related to the update.

I updated all flows & components yesterday and I didn’t see any new updates available today, but I guess if I re-add the spinners again now it should work.

My app ID is 149046, it seems the data variable used on page 1 (Dashboard) stopped displaying.

Albeit it might just be this known issue:

  • Composite component internal properties, output values and private variables bindings do not work if the binding is to an object sub-property directly, i.e. internalProps.obj.a doesn’t work but formula internalProps.obj.b + "!" does.

Since I’m binding that card title to current._interests.name_emoji

Thanks, we’ll investigate ASAP!