Local data: Error: database or disk is full (code 13 SQLITE_FULL)

Hi all,

I run into this issue: can’t create / update local data. The error log says: database or disk is full (code 13 SQLITE_FULL)

Anyone having experience with this? I’m running the app inside Appgyver. How to clear the SQLITE? How to know about its current size etc.? What are the limits etc.? This whole topic is missing.


Hello, did you manage to solve the problem?

The SQLITE_FULL result code indicates that a write could not complete because the disk is full. Note that this error can occur when trying to write information into the main database file, or it can also occur when writing into temporary disk files.

Sometimes applications encounter this error even though there is an abundance of primary disk space because the error occurs when writing into temporary disk files on a system where temporary files are stored on a separate partition with much less space that the primary disk.

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I store the data to files instead. It doesn’t have such data size restriction.

Json file? Could help as the solution in file?

I used the standard file read/write in Appgyver together with json decode/encode and so far it seemed to work, even when the text is super long.

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