Local storage not working in TestFlight

My app works completely fine with no error in the SAP Appgyver preview app, however some features stop working in the TestFlight app. I have made a reminders and notes app and it uses local storage. This works most of the time except when creating the first meeting and deleting the last meeting. The rest of the time it works. I have contacted Appgyver support and I got no response so I am very lost as no issues appear in Appgyver.
Any ideas on what to do?

What do you mean by it doesn’t work. App crashes? Item from the storage is not deleted?

The issue is: when I create the first note (which is the primary feature of my app) it doesn’t load unless you close and reload the app. However it’s meant to load instantly. All other notes created after the first note work fine. Also, if there is only one note, if you try and delete that note, it doesn’t delete without needing the app to be closed down and reloaded. This doesn’t occur in the Appgyver preview app have you seen this before?

Could you possibly post some screenshots of your logic? Particularly the note creation process and the data variable related to getting the notes.

^This is the create note logic

^This is the delete note logic