Local Storage Saving and Loading [newbie]

I am currently working on an offline app for which I am trying to save a name variable to local storage.

The way I did it is by creating the record and then setting the app variable name to that record, which works perfectly fine when I do it the first time. The issue is, however, when I try to load the data after reopening the app. The way I did it is by using get_record and setting the app variable name to that record. That is the part where I am having trouble, as it does not work.

Am I missing something? It’s probably simple, but I have watched a couple tutorials and have been checking most topics on the forum for a month now and I still have no solution.

for working with offline storage, you need to use the specific functions from marketplace.
Set item to storage, Get item from storage and there are some more like delete.

these are the tokens

See my reply to this question to see one way to do it:

If anyone still has trouble with this, this video will definitely help: