Locating Image Assets and setting a static image from local filesystem


How do we access images that we’ve uploaded in Composer at runtime? I don’t want to upload images in the app, but instead have some images that I use and swap when the app is running.

I have a couple of image components that need to be set dynamically based on a value returned from a GET, however I see no posts or documentation, or anything in the IDE, showing how to access these images.

The only time I see the images I uploaded is when I click on the image component, then “properties > source” then the “image assets” dialog that pops up showing the images and filenames.

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I have uploaded 8 images in the Composer which need to be set in the Image Component dynamically, as a status indicator, using Custom JS

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Can anyone help with this simple problem please?

hi, got into the same trouble, have you solved this somehow?

If you have the images with the “GET” request method, that means that they are located in some sort of backend. So you’ll have to use the HTTP request. And from then on you could set the response to some variable (app, page) and then use that in the image source property.

Let’s say you use Firebase Storage for the images. You can have the download url of images that you upload to Firebase storage and set that url to the image source property. Then when you want to change the image just upload an image to the Firebase storage with the same name. That will update the same file in the storage…