Log accelerometer values and GPS to csv

First off all: AppGyver is amazing!

So my end goal is to create a simple program that monitors excess G-force in a car. Everytime an excess is measured a point is added to a counter. This is for rental cars; more points is a more aggresive driver, and he has to pay for every point. (Its mainly for off road)
Before I build the app I want to LOG multiple drives: x, y, z axis and GPS coordinates. This way I can subjectively adapt the treshold to my needs. (Create e mean value or so in excel)

What I did:
Create an off line data resource with the variables: x, y, z, gps_y, gps_x etc.
Created some logic:

Wich should create a record every second:

But how to save this to a CSV?
It does not seem possible with the write file function…

Would love some help!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Get collection cAccLogger, convert it to CSV text with formula:


Save the text to a file or display it.