Log in keeps displaying wrong email/password when tabbed

I will really appreciate some help with my log in logic. I keep getting the wrong email/password toast when log in is tabbed. Guessing something is not OK with set app variable or the set item to storage. I am using the client side storage
Regarding the “set app variable”, my variable name is authuser with properties email, id and password.

For ‘‘set item to storage’’, I created a client side data resource called persistent user with properties id, token and expires. The item key is persistent user but I could not bind persistent user to the item key because of compatibility issues. authuser is the data to store in this case. I would really appreciate some help, been struggling with this for sometime. Thanks

Your Error is occuring from Create Record

Hi John, thanks for the help. How do I rectify the error increate record? Thanks again

You have to figure out what the error is. Put an Alert dialog on it’s error output and display the error message.

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Thanks so much @JOHN_WORSHAM . Yes the error was with the create record. I needed to use Generate_UUID to bind the ID.

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