Log In page as second page


i need your help. Maybe I’m thinking too complicated, so I’m also open to suggestions if a different approach would be advantageous.

I want to show an image on the first page when the app starts. This should disappear after a short time and the “log in” page should be shown. I was able to build the logic behind it and it seems to work.

No I don’t know how to hide the navigation menu on the bottom. I’ve already figured out how to make the navigation menu disappear on the bottom of the first page. But the trick doesn’t work for the second page, is there a fix for this? Or a different approach could be, to have the “log in” page as the first page and the image (including the different color of the background) layered in the front. But how does the logic then have to be? Can I change the background per logic? Can I layer containers?

Thx in advance.

the only way i have found, is playing with visibility and delays. you can achieve something like this.

in your case, the sign in page will appear (mine does too but im signed in)
(excuse the lotties bad quality)

as for the navigation, you can turn it off from here

and bellow s the page you want to be shown first after the initial view is dismissed

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Hi, I did exactly the same example, only when I hit back with the default button, it takes me back to the beginning of the logo presentation. How do I stop this from happening.

yeah, i see what you mean, to prevent that, you need to have an app variable that determines whether or not the image is shown, and after the first time you need to set the variable to false. so, only when the app reopens, the variable will be true and the image will get shown

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Thank you very much, I understand you and I even did it right now and if it gives me the effect that you tell me. God bless you.

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