Logic: Event Component onChange

I’d like to set my Data Variable as the component value changes… Except AppGyver is telling me I have no data variables despite having two?

Here’s what happens when I click into the VARIABLES: Set data variable

I have completed these instructions already.

You cannot access Data/Page/App variables from within a component. Still, there’s few ways you can do this.

  1. Let’s say you have bound Page variable input_value to be the Input field value. Drag a new Receive event Flow function to page’s logic canvas. Then change its Event source to Page variable 'input_value' changed. You can use this event to do any changes you want to for you Data variable.

  2. You can use Primitive version of Input to get direct access to all event or from isolation mode you can select Convert to a Container to make the composite component break into open. Then you can access the events directly with all variables available.

  3. You can add a Receive event to Input field top level logic canvas (the one visible without entering isolation mode) and change its Event source to Fired from "Trigger event". Then enter the isolation mode and select Text input component from within. Drag a Trigger event Flow function to canvas and connect it to Component onChange event. Then choose from Properties the Triggered event to be the Receive event: Fired from "Trigger event" you just added to outside level. Now the new event on outside level will trigger after each change.

(Note: Just making sure you want to make a change to some other value than the one that’s bound to the input. Because the bound value is already changing automatically after each change.)