Logic for Data Variables?

I’m really enjoying using appgyver - really well done. Thank you, first of all.

I have some REST API calls for some data variables defined in my main page, and after creating the data variables, I added them to my main page logic to initialize and update them.

I just added another data variable, and that’s when I realized that each data variable has it’s OWN logic section, and now I’m not sure whether the logic I added for main page is necessary, and perhaps is doubling up on the calls.

Can someone please clarify how/why page logic corresponds to the data variable logic? And if I have it in one place, do I need it in both?

Two screenshots - page logic, and one of the data variable logic(s)…

I answered my own question - removed the additional page logic to call the data variables and let the data variables do their own thing. Works fine. So the addition of page logic was unnecessary.

Yup, you’re right – data variables have their own default logic for fetching data and populating them.

Technically, they work the same as page logic, so you could decide to just remove the data logic in the variables’ logic canvas and copypaste it to the page main data canvas, and it’d work just the same.

We’re debating a bit on the best way to structure this; having several page mounted events that each run different logic chains can be a bit counterintuitive to debug…