Logic to send an email of a response

I have set up a forgot password page on my app that simply returns the original user password based on the email provided. The get record logic works and I am able to retrieve the original user password. I am now trying to figure out how to send the password response as a email to the user so they get their password. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you all for your help!

I use a Zapier alternative that triggers an email to be sent when someone clicks a ‘forgot password’ button.

Forgot password sends data via an POST API to a spreadsheet (via Sheety), then the automation see a new row is created in that spreadsheet and send an email to the right email adress, based on the content of the new cells

Look into SendGrid. If you are comfortable with REST API they are great to use to send emails. And they have a free plan. Ive used it and it works great.

Thank you @jordan_vd_berk for the information. I will explore this option.

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Thank you @JOHN_WORSHAM ! I will explore this option as well.